Raspberry Pi CM4S in the Linux Revolution Pi RevPi S / SE switchboard computer

At the Embedded World show, the Kunbus company presented future versions of its Revolution Pi Linux ARM SoC Broadcom BCM2711 control computer.

This CM4S has similar technology to the CM4 introduced in 2020, but a different design: that is, the SO-DIMM format of the CM and CM3 predecessors. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has not yet announced the CM4S, presumably because they are struggling with delivery problems with many other versions of Raspi as well.

This was also a topic at the well-visited Raspberry Pi booth at Embedded World, where Raspi Eben Upton’s mind was present in person. The manufacturer has been unable to meet the enormously high demand – over 7 million Raspi were purchased in 2020 – for months, which is why some versions of Raspi are sold at ridiculously high prices.

Above the Raspberry Pi 4, below the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) and the Raspberry Pi Zero 2W.

The lack of chips affects many companies that produce embedded systems, including Kunbus. Therefore, the company has not yet provided any delivery dates for the new Revolution Pi types.

In addition, it has launched new “SE” versions of the RevPis which do not have a gateway chip for the fieldbus connection because it is difficult to supply.

Recently another variant of the Raspi CM3 called CM3E was also discovered. On it is the special RP3A0 chip known from the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, which combines an ARM SoC with 512 MB of memory.

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