Quarterly Numbers: Apple just loses another $ 100 billion quarter

Apple just lost $ 100 billion in revenue in the first three months of the year. In the second quarter of fiscal year 2022, which ended on March 26, the group recorded revenues of $ 97.3 billion, nearly 9% higher than the previous year. Profit was $ 25.0 billion, up 6% from 2021.

Almost another $ 100 billion quarter

The group was also able to increase gross margin by a good percentage point to 44 percent, but operating costs that had increased by two billion US dollars, including an additional one billion for research and development, meant that profits have risen slightly less than balances. In the first quarter of the fiscal year, which includes the profitable holiday season, Apple hit a new sales record of $ 124 billion.

Apple: sales and profits since the first quarter of 2000

-1.00023,98948.97873.96798.956123.945Millions of dollars

Q1 / 2000Q4 / 20003rd quarter 2001Q2 / 2002Q1 / 2003Q4 / 2003Q3 / 2004Q2 / 2005Q1 / 2006Q4 / 2006Q3 / 2007Q2 / 2008Q1 / 2009Q4 / 2009Q3 / 2010Q2 / 2011Q1 / 2012Q4 / 2012Q3 / 2013Q2 / 2014Q1 / 2015Q4 / 2015Q3 / 2016Q2 / 2017Q1 / 2018Q4 / 2018Q3 / 2019Q2 / 2020Q1 / 2021Q4 / 2021

According to the consolidated financial statement (PDF), Apple generated the majority of its sales increase over the same quarter last year in the Americas. Considered by product segment, the iPhone grew the most in absolute terms, while iPad sales were the only ones to drop slightly from the previous year. Cook blamed the current supply chain problems, also driven by the Covid blockades in China, although he sees an overall positive trend in this context.

Apple – Revenue by segment

020,00040,00060,00080,000Millions of dollars

Q1 / 2002Q3 / 2002Q1 / 2003Q3 / 2003Q1 / 2004Q3 / 2004Q1 / 20053rd quarter 2005Q1 / 2006Q3 / 2006Q1 / 2007Q3 / 2007Q1 / 2008Q3 / 2008Q1 / 2009Q3 / 2009Q1 / 2010Q3 / 2010Q1 / 2011Q3 / 2011Q1 / 2012Q3 / 2012Q1 / 2013Q3 / 2013Q1 / 2014Q3 / 2014Q1 / 2015Q3 / 2015Q1 / 2016Q3 / 2016Q1 / 2017Q3 / 2017Q1 / 2018Q3 / 2018Q1 / 2019Q3 / 2019Q1 / 2020Q3 / 2020Q1 / 2021Q3 / 2021Q1 / 2022

$ 118 billion in cash reserves

As of March 26, Apple had $ 118 billion in cash and another $ 141 billion in securities. When asked in the conference call to announce quarterly figures, Tim Cook did not want to rule out Apple using these immense financial resources for larger acquisitions in the near future, but stressed that Apple’s focus is always on know-how ( intellectual property) and the experience of the employee of the company (“talent”). Simply expanding the business by acquiring very large market players like Netflix or Peloton (fitness) is not the overriding goal.

825 million people use Apple’s services

As a highlight of the past three months, Apple called “double-digit growth“Of the group of iPhone buyers who previously bet on a smartphone with Android. 825 million people who have subscribed to Apple services such as Apple Music, Apple iCloud, Apple TV + or Apple Arcade are now responsible for sales in the Services division.

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