Protect Dyson air purifiers with a cooling fan function at a low price

The Dyson air purifier has a sleek design and not just like a white box like many competing models. The price is also a bit higher for that. However, the 2-in-1 device also has more functions: it not only cleans the air, but also acts as a fan. In this way the Dyson guarantees a pleasant environment even in summer.

You can choose between two modes and also set an automatic shutdown. In sleep mode, the device is particularly quiet, so it won’t wake you up. In the loudest mode, the volume is 63 decibels. The maximum air flow is 414 liters per hour.

A class 13 HEPA filter is installed to clean the air. This class is particularly high and is also used in operating theaters or clean rooms. According to the manufacturer, the device reliably filters 99.95% of all pollutants from the ambient air. The activated charcoal filter also reduces odors, which is a big plus, especially in open kitchens.

This is why the air purifier is a good choice

The stylish air purifier is not a bulky white box and provides pleasant and fresh air even in summer. The Dyson model is very well equipped, has a high quality HEPA filter and thus improves the air in the room. QVC’s offer is very good compared to other providers: you save 50 euros! At the moment you won’t find the cheapest Dyson air purifier in any other store.

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