Princess Carla of Hesse resumes business

A princess stands in front of McDonald’s and wants her crown back: in the curious legal dispute between Carla, Princess of Hesse and the fast food chain, the noblewoman has now apparently created facts.

Carla Principessa di Hannover wants to reign again over four McDonald’s branches in Ingolstadt. A burger house legal dispute between the nobles and the powerful fast food company has been going on for a long time before the Munich Higher Regional Court, now the wife of Otto Prinz von Hessen († 55), who died two years ago, has apparently tried to confirm the facts, according to “Bild”. create.

As the newspaper reports, Carla visited the disputed branches on Tuesday to introduce herself to employees as the new boss. Background to the legal dispute: the deceased Otto had been running the Ingolstadt branches with his wife as a franchisee since 2016, after his death the German branch of the US group resumed the business.

Justification to the “Bild” of the time: “McDonald’s Germany never entered into a contractual relationship with Carla von Hessen or her children”. To the annoyance of the princess.

Dispute over McDonald’s branches before the Munich Higher Regional Court

Because, according to the report, it should continue to bear the daily costs of running the restaurant, while the profits of the branches would have gone so far to the chain. Therefore, on Tuesday Carla also changed the supervisory service of the branches and gave new instructions to the employees. According to the newspaper, Carla: “I’m over the moon to have regained control of my business today.”

On May 17, 2020, Carla’s husband, Otto Prinz von Hessen, had a motorcycle accident Highway 96 fatally wounded. It comes from the House of Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld, founded in 1721 as a branch of the Hesse-Kassel line of the House of Hesse.

Correction: We initially reported that Otto Prinz von Hessen had been running McDonald’s controversial branches for 35 years. According to the “Donau-Kurier”, Otto acquired it only in 2016.

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