Prices at petrol stations: petrol and diesel still over 2 euros

From: 04/05/2022 15:31

Fuel prices have increased significantly, diesel fuel in particular is becoming more expensive. The ADAC criticizes that the development of the crude oil market and currency effects cannot explain this.

Prices at German petrol stations are currently well above last week’s level. A liter of Super E10 currently costs an average of € 2,002 nationwide, as announced today by the ADAC. This is 4.8 cents more than last Wednesday. The price of diesel rose by 5.6 cents to an average of 2,075 euros.

General conditions do not explain such a sharp increase in fuel prices, criticized the automobile club. The price of crude oil and the euro-dollar exchange rate did not change compared to the previous week. Fuel prices are “significantly excessive”.

Bearish trend initially stopped

The strong downward trend in fuel prices, which followed the highs of mid-March, appears to have stopped for the time being. Prices have started to rise again since mid-April. Fuel had become extremely expensive, especially in the first few weeks after the start of the Russian aggressive war against Ukraine. The diesel is currently 41 cents more than before the war, the E10 a good 25 cents.

The ADAC predicts that the federal government’s energy tax cut will be fully appreciated by consumers. According to the calculations of the ADAC, when the measure enters into force on 1 June, including VAT, petrol will be 35 cents less and diesel 17 cents less.

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