Prices at discount stores are rising so enormously

Inflation continues to rise – this is especially evident to many when it comes to groceries, even at discount stores which are actually cheap. A comparison portal has now revealed which products have become particularly expensive.

Driving, heating, renting – for many people the costs of daily living have risen dramatically. The increase in prices has also affected the supermarket checkout. A comparison portal has been comparing the prices of a randomly selected discount store in Berlin for over two months. One thing is clear: groceries in particular and organic products in particular have become significantly more expensive.

We examined the prices of more than 50 private label products at a randomly selected Berlin discount store on March 23, 2022 and June 14, 2022. Customers now have to dig deep into their pockets for these products:

  • Inflation leader: organic butter

Here, the price per 250 grams went from € 2.29 to € 2.99 over the period under review. This corresponds to an increase of 30.57 percent, or almost a third.

  • Closes the second place: organic spaghetti

From 99 cents the price went up by 30.3 percent to 1.29 euros for 500 grams of whole durum wheat.

Behind the two organic leaders, salami, shampoo, Black Forest ham and middle-aged Gouda were the most expensive. The price increase also particularly affected organic orange juice, fine liver wurst, oatmeal and mayonnaise.


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If you still want to save money at the discount store, you should stay away from these products or look for cheaper alternatives.

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