Prices aren’t just rising on Tesla>

Tesla’s numerous price increases are not satisfying customers – in the United States since last March and in Europe shortly thereafter, they have continued to rise in increments of various sizes and widths. For example, according to the configurator, the smallest Model 3 in Germany now costs 49,990 euros instead of 39,900 euros, and it was only in this that the price for the two upper variants went up again and that for the Model Y Performance from the German factory. for the first time. Tesla’s lead times, which were still moderate until late 2021, now extend to 2023 in some cases. Compared to the situation of Renault customers, however, the situation is still mild: the popular Zoe electric car cannot be ordered in Germany at the moment, but it has become significantly more expensive this week. According to a report, prices are also expected to rise for Audi from July and, according to information from, also for Volkswagen, especially for electric cars.

The new Audi prices put the environmental bonus at risk

The freeze on orders for the Renault Zoe due to a shortage of components was imposed in March and also applied to the brand’s other electric cars. That changed again with Megane E-Tech Electric, but not Zoe. Instead, the price of the compact electric car will rise first, as reported this week by auto, motor und sport. According to this, it now costs from 36,840 euros and thus 11 percent more than before, after a basic version for 29,990 euros had already been omitted. After all, the magazine sees the pricing activity as a sign that the Renault Zoe can soon be ordered again.

Audi, on the other hand, has not yet imposed any stop, but apparently the price screw is also turning. On 11 July, prices will rise for the fourth time since last March, reports Automobilwoche. The new tiers have not yet been mentioned, but the company is said to have informed dealers that the state share in the German environmental bonus may be eliminated for the Q4 e-tron (see photo above) and Q4 e-tron Sportback. This seems to be related to the fact that the new prices are not correctly entered in the Bafa price list which is decisive for this. In any case, the current regulation of the environmental bonus for new customers should no longer be relevant because it expires at the end of 2022 and the portals for Q4 electric cars specify delivery times longer than one year.

VW electric cars will be 10% more expensive

In terms of prices and timing, things are currently going even worse for Renault and Audi than for Tesla, and according to information from, Volkswagen also wants more money for its electric cars, which also have long lead times. . In early July, the brand’s prices are expected to rise by an average of 5 percent, a reader wrote to the editorial team who had been informed of this by a VW dealer. According to an email available on, VW’s pure electric cars are said to be as much as 10% more expensive in July.

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