Price increase at DHL: Shipping of packages is more expensive since July

Updated 06/14/2022 09:06

  • The DHL logistics group will increase prices for domestic parcel shipping from 1 July.
  • Shipping to the United States will also be more expensive.
  • The company cited the increased costs of transportation, delivery and labor as a reason.

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The DHL logistics group will increase prices for domestic parcel shipping from 1 July. With the price adjustment, the company is reacting “to the significant increase in freight and wage costs, as well as other general cost increases,” explained DHL.

As a result, the price advantage for parcels and parcel brands purchased online will no longer apply in the future. Branch prices for small and medium-sized parcels will also be adjusted, DHL explained.

Several package prices are increasing, but one is being reduced

The price for a size S package has increased from EUR 3.79 to EUR 3.99. In the future, customers will have to pay EUR 4.79 instead of EUR 4.50 to send an M size package.

The price for the “5 kg package most used by private customers”, on the other hand, will be reduced from the current 7.49 euros to 6.99 euros, according to the group. The two-kilogram package, available only online, will cost € 5.49 in the future, which is 50 cents more than before.

DHL: Packages to the US are also getting more expensive

Rising costs would make price increases in domestic and cross-border parcel shipments inevitable, he said. Packages destined for the US are also becoming more expensive, DHL Paket announced.

For shipments to the rest of the world, there is still a price difference between parcel brands purchased online and in branch offices – those purchased online are cheaper.

For corporate customers, such as online retailers, the company had already raised package prices earlier this year. By the end of the year, Swiss Post, in cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, also plans to increase the number of Packstations to over 11,000. (AFP / dpa / okb)

On Thursday, a DHL cargo plane slid off the runway at San Jose airport, the capital of Costa Rica, breaking in two. Both pilots were unharmed.

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