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Status: 13/06/2022 13:24

Post office subsidiary DHL will raise parcel prices for private customers on 1 July. Shipping will be more expensive both domestically and internationally. According to the company, this is a response to rising costs.

The DHL logistics group will raise prices for domestic parcel shipping from 1 July. “The rising costs of transport, delivery and wages, as well as the general increase in costs, make price increases in domestic and cross-border parcel shipments inevitable,” the company said.

Brands purchased online are no longer cheaper

In the future, there will be no more price advantages for parcels and parcel brands bought online for domestic parcels, it is said. With the abolition of price differences between brands purchased online and in branch offices, the company is reducing complexity and making its package prices clearer for customers, the Post said.

Branch and online prices in the Päckchen S product category rise to € 3.99 from the previous € 3.79. For the M package, € 4.79 is due after the previous € 4.50 or € 4.39. The price for the two-kilogram package, available only online, has risen to € 5.49 from the previous € 4.99.

Prices for heavy packages remain stable

According to Swiss Post, parcels and plus parcels are also becoming somewhat more expensive due to rising card costs. In contrast, the branch price for the package most used by private customers will be five kilograms less at 6.99 euros, 50 cents. On the other hand, shop prices for 10 kg and 31.5 kg parcels remained stable.

Prices are also going up for many cross-border parcels and small parcels from Germany. As a justification, the logistics group refers to the increase in flight fares and the higher costs charged abroad by the delivery partners.

The price changes to DHL

Mars Burmeister, WDR, June 13, 2022 13:55

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