price explosion! Kerrygold and Weihenstephan butter now exceeds 3 euros

Supermarket prices continue to explode: branded butter from manufacturers such as Weihenstephan, Kerrygold and Meggle has now passed the 3 euro mark. The butter is now sold at prices between 3.19 and 3.39 euros. Until recently, this price level was not considered realistic. In March, in some cases, butter prices had more than doubled and subsequent huge price jumps followed in April. In early April, butter cost more than two euros in many supermarkets, including Aldi. Now the next euro mark has been broken.

Dairy prices have risen, especially since the start of the war in Ukraine. The reasons for the increase in prices are the increase in production costs for feed, fertilizer and fuel farmers. “Prices are rising to an extent that I have never experienced before,” said the director general of the dairy industry association, Eckhard Heuser, of the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung” in April.

The end of the price hikes is not in sight

At the moment, the end of the price increases is not in sight. “The second wave of price hikes is coming and will definitely be double-digit,” said Josef Sanktjohanser, president of the German Retail Association in April. He warned of further hikes after prices rose about five percent due to rising energy prices before the war in Ukraine.

While Aldi has already raised prices significantly in April, Rewe also told the “Tagesschau” that it faces “a large number of rising costs for raw materials, energy and logistics, as well as price increases in the food and beverage industry. providers”. This leads “inevitably to the fact that we have to raise the sales prices for individual product groups and articles”.

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