Postponement: The Airbus A321 XLR cannot enter service until 2024

The aircraft manufacturer plans to increase production of the A320 family to 75 jets per month by 2025. The A321 XLR, meanwhile, needs a little more time than expected.

When Airbus raised its production targets in May 2021, the manufacturer predicted a rate of 75 A320 family jets for 2025 as a very optimistic scenario. A year later, CEO Guillaume Faury now confirms this, despite new global uncertainties caused by the Russian aggressive war against Ukraine.

“Looking beyond 2022, we see continued strong growth in demand for commercial aircraft, led by the A320 family,” Faury said on Wednesday (May 4) as part of the quarterly data. Therefore, they are working to “further increase the production rates of the A320 family to 75 aircraft per month by 2025”. In a first phase, the tariff will increase to 65 aircraft per month by summer 2023.

Slight delay on the A321 XLR

With the A321 XLR, the aircraft manufacturer is working on a first flight by the end of the second quarter of 2022. The first deliveries, however, will take place shortly thereafter. “Originally scheduled for late 2023, commissioning is expected to take place early 2024 to meet certification requirements,” writes Airbus.

Economically, the first quarter of 2022 went very well for the group. Adjusted profit before interest and taxes rose to € 1.26 billion. A year ago it was 694 million euros. An 82 percent increase. This benefited from a one-off capital gain of 400 million euros from the revaluation of the social security obligations. Airbus’ turnover increased by 15% from the previous year to 12 billion euros.

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