Perfect promotion: 1. FC Magdeburg slams in the 2nd Bundesliga – 3rd league

FCM is back!

Sunday at 3:48 pm at the MDCC Arena in Magdeburg: after the 3-0 (2-0) win against Zwickau, the players hugged, the substitutes and the coaches ran onto the pitch wearing promotion shirts to celebrate the early return to the 2nd Bundesliga.

Magdeburg Mega-Party!

Baris Atik (left) and Leon Bell Bell (2nd from left) sprinkle champagne on sporting director Otmark Schork (right).Photo: Ronny Hartmann

The party begins during the match – players and support staff are given beer in mugs on the sidelines, none of the promotion heroes back down!

After the final whistle, all the dams break. 26,340 spectators enter the pitch and celebrate their return to the 2nd Bundesliga with their promotion heroes, from which the FCM is relegated in 2019.

During the festivities on the pitch, the players also brought out their ultra squad: left fielder Nico Granatowski (30) himself provides fireworks and lights up a firecracker!

At the final whistle, the players were already holding their beer

At the final whistle, the players were already holding their beerPhoto: Getty Images

Fans of the sold-out stadium are already in party mode 90 minutes early, as in theory a draw is enough for the FCM to clarify the promotion.

But the boys of coach Christian Titz are not aiming for a draw. The third division leader wants to win and deserves the lead!

23 minutes: Top scorer Baris Atik frees Jason Ceka, who turns and hits the left corner of the goal with his right hand – 1: 0!

The 2nd championship is very, very close and at the latest with the 2-0 after an own goal by Davy Frick (40th) of Zwickau he can’t take it anymore.

Remarkable: Before the big break, the FCM wants more. Also in the second half there was a storm until the final whistle. Substituting Kai Brünker (88th) for 3-0, a deserved consequence.

Captain Tobias Müller: “It will be a long night with little sleep. We deserve it, we will let it tear in the next few days “.

And Jason Ceka: “I don’t even know what to say. Last year I played in the regional championship and now I’m going to the 2nd championship.”

Also WITH successful coach Christian Titz (50)!

BILD already revealed in December that his contract would be extended if he was promoted. Sporting director Otmar Schork officially announced yesterday: “We will continue!”

Reason enough for Titz himself to switch to party mode. The announcement of him after the players surprised him with a shower of beer and champagne during the press conference: “I’m a carnival type, I’ll party until my eyes close and enjoy the day.”

After the cheers in the locker room, it’s time to celebrate with the fans in the parking lot behind Block U and the team’s internal party in the business club. Schork: “We’ll let it tear.”

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