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Some time ago Aldi had to have a very interesting accessory for your car, motorcycle or bicycle, which you can also use for your smartphone, tablet and other devices. How can it be together? Really very good, it seems. The manufacturer Einhell has also thought beyond Xiaomi. After some delay, Aldi can finally deliver. It is available from today.

Aldi sells Einhell cordless air pumps for € 29.99

Update us 02. May 2022: The sale of the Aldi Nord cordless air pump begins today. The device was actually supposed to be sold by the end of March 2022, but there were availability issues. But now you can strike.

If you’re not lucky with Aldi, you can look at some alternatives on Amazon (see Amazon).

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If you don’t want to drive to the gas station every time to check your tire pressure, you can buy a handy gadget from Aldi Nord. From 28 March 2022 the Einhell cordless air pump sold for 29.99 euros (looks at Aldi Nord). It can be used to check all car, motorcycle, bicycle and e-bike tires. The appropriate adapters are included in the delivery, so that even normal bicycle valves are no problem.

Look at the offer of Aldi Nord

But the battery air pump can do even more, because there is a USB port. Through this the air pump becomes a powerful power bank, capable of powering your smartphone, tablet and other devices. There are also adapters you can use to inflate balls and water toys, for example. A gadget that you can use not only for the car, but also for other activities.

What you need to know about Aldi:

Aldi’s battery air pump is real insider tip

There are many cordless air pumps on the market, but Aldi’s Einhell model is similarly compact to Xiaomi’s model, it also has a display and an additional USB port. Even the air pump from Xiaomi, which I own, does not have it. I have often thought to myself why the battery cannot be used more. I had the pump with me on the last ride of the bike and I regularly checked the air pressure. With a USB connection, I could even charge my camera and smartphone. Really great gadget that I can personally recommend – especially since the Aldi model is much cheaper than the Xiaomi air pump (see Amazon).

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