PayPal users targeted by criminals – beware of this new scam

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Those who use PayPal should be careful right now. Why scammers look for your account details. Find out how to protect yourself here.

PayPal users need to be careful right now. The scammers are currently trying to regain access to user accounts, as reported by the Consumer Advisory Center. Phishing emails are used for this.

The news reports that their PayPal account has been limited. You should confirm yourself as an authorized user with a button. You should then enter your details via the link.

Attempt PayPal Scams: How to Protect Yourself

PayPal users currently need to be wary of phishing attacks.
PayPal users currently need to be wary of phishing attacks.

Consumer Center

Email is relatively easy to recognize as a fraud attempt. First of all, the greeting is completely missing. There are also grammatical errors in the message. Neither would normally be the case in real PayPal emails.

If you receive such an email, you should under no circumstances click the link or disclose your login details. Just move the message to your spam folder. If in doubt, you can check your account via your normal browser login. If there really is a problem with your profile, it will show up there.

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