Passive Income: The couple earns € 100,000 from Tiny Houses on Airbnb

Chris Krieger and Lauren Hudson in front of the Green Mountain Modern House that started their Airbnb empire.
Wildwood Collective

In 2017, Lauren Hudson, 40, and Chris Krieger, 39, bought a modern cottage in Vermont to use as a vacation home.

Initially, they only used Airbnb to cover their monthly expenses. After a while, however, they were able to quit their jobs and run their Airbnb business full-time.

Today, its real estate portfolio consists of 15 properties and brings in rental income of over € 100,000 per month.

The tiny Vermont cabin that Lauren Hudson and Chris Krieger bought in 2017 was originally intended to be their vacation home. They planned to rent the small house on Airbnb for a few weekends a month to help offset the costs. At worst, they would sell it again if it wasn’t profitable. Instead, however, their ownership was so in demand that they had to block a few weekends for themselves.

This unexpected success changed their career paths and made renting small vacation homes their full-time job. His empire now consists of 15 objects spread across different states. The millennial couple owns six of the properties themselves, while managing the other nine for the clients of their real estate management and marketing firm, Wildwood Collective.

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