“Panther”: choice of name for the new tank – greetings from the Wehrmacht – Politics

Was this a good idea? So, the Russians have built a tank, the T-14 Armata, which is a great challenge to the West, and how strong they want it to be. (Just as the Russian Armada is a challenge on the whole, powerful.) And the West, here the German armament company Rheinmetall, wants to counter it with something: a new main tank, which of course was developed rapidly on its own, has praised as a masterpiece.

Now it’s been introduced and it’s called – yes, yes, “Panther”. Perceiving this at least as an unfortunate denomination doesn’t require too much sensitivity. And if the association was intentional, it would be even more unfortunate: the new Panther versus the new T-14 – like the former Wehrmacht Panther versus the T-34, the most powerful tank in the Soviet army at the time?

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The panther of that time ended up being used in the Soviet Union and military experts compared the Battle of the Donbass to the Battle of the Kursk Bulge in 1943. Now the “KF51 Panther” is seen as the successor to the famous “Leopard 2”. But firstly, the Franco-German tank cooperation that is still being fought for is better under all circumstances for intra-European cohesion – secondly, certainly a different name. Nothing WWII related is a good idea in these new times.

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