Otto von Hessen († 55): Legal dispute: Mrs. Carla uses an unusual method

An incredible accident happened almost two years ago! In mid-May 2020, Otto Prinz von Hessen was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident on the Bavarian Autobahn 96 and died at the age of only 55. In addition to his ex-wife Carla Principessa d’Assia (47), Otto left their four children together, who are now 12, 14, 21 and 23 years old.

The night before the accident, the family is said to have sat together, as Carla revealed in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”: “We talked a lot, laughed, he brought me flowers and just a few hours later he died. . Torn from our lives. Forever. ” Particularly tragic: Carla is still grappling with the entrepreneur’s legacy.

Otto Prinz von Hessen: With his ex-wife Carla he ran several fast food branches

For around 35 years, the entrepreneur and his ex-wife ran four McDonald’s branches in Ingolstadt, Upper Bavaria. After the 55-year-old’s funeral, he actually intended to continue as CEO, but that didn’t happen! A spokesman for the fast food chain told the Bild newspaper: “McDonald’s Germany has never entered into a contractual relationship with Carla von Hessen or her children.” However, the 47-year-old was not satisfied! The result: a bitter legal dispute that continues to this day and is being examined by the Higher Regional Court of Munich.

Carla Princess of Hesse wants to take over her ex-husband’s business: “I’m very happy”

Instead of waiting for a verdict, however, Carla took a somewhat unusual step. According to the newspaper “Bild”, she appeared in one of the four branches with bodyguards and lawyers and announced to the employees of the fast food chain after she was replacing the security service: “I am delighted to be in control of my business. today it has regained control. ” The reaction of the fast food giant? It remains to be seen!

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