On two legs: Apple receives a patent for a “Dual Stand” screen stand.

Apple has obtained a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a new type of display that offers suspensions for two screens. Users can attach two Pro Display XDRs to it, which, according to the patent description, would be perfectly aligned with each other. The 6K resolution Pro Display XDR is Apple’s premium display product.

The special feature is that the “Dual Pro Stand” is a closed unit which also offers a wide range of setting options. It consists of two solid feet like the Studio Display and a support bar between the feet, which can be folded down in the center. In this way, the screens can also be positioned at a different angle from each other. It should also be possible to adjust the height and tilt of the screens, which are applied to both connected displays at the same time.

Patent documents filed in 2020 also show that there is apparently an engine that could also be controlled directly from the Mac.

Apple sees the innovation of its idea above all in usability: “Although various existing screen mounts offer tilt, swivel and vertical height adjustment of monitors, these features often come at the expense of convenience and ease of use,” they say. documents.

The “Dual Stand” should be able to be folded in the center to be able to position the displays at different angles to each other.

(Image: Apple / US Patent and Trademark Office)

Should the patent actually result in a product that Apple sells, interested parties can expect high prices. For the so-called “Pro Stand”, with which it is possible to adjust height, inclination and orientation, Apple already requires a surcharge of just under 1100 euros. Support for the 32-inch 6K resolution monitor caused some discussion when it was unveiled at the time. An adapter for a VESA mount also costs around 220 euros. Due to the properties of the “Dual Pro Stand”, it should cost a multiple of the normal “Pro Stand”.

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