On trading day Friday 1 July 2022

The DAX was down 220 points or 1.7% in trading on Thursday. With the closing price of 12,784 points, the main German stock market index even recovered slightly from the daily low of 12,619 points. This, in turn, was just 180 points above the all-time low of 52 weeks. This shows the development of the leading index in this trading year. For comparison: the DAX hit its 52-week high at 16,290 points. It is its all-time high. Weak Wall Street was no support for Germany’s major index on Thursday as investor uncertainty was too great in view of mounting fears of inflation and recession. And they are not out of the question yet: the DAX is currently valued at around 12,720 points, so always at a discount.

With the end of the first half of the year, the new one also begins: investors focus on the trend in consumer prices and therefore on inflation, which in turn influences the buying mood. On today’s agenda, for example, there are fresh data on the Italian ones consumer prices as well as those of the EU. Investors are likely to take a particularly close look at the latter in light of the European Central Bank (ECB) announcement that it intends to tighten interest rates in July. Also, on Wednesday evening, ECB President Christine Lagarde said high inflation rates will remain for the time being.

In addition, there are numerous of them Indices of purchasing managers Notes on economic development. Corresponding data for the manufacturing industry comes, for example, from Germany, the EU, the USA, Italy, France and Great Britain. In the afternoon in the USA there will also be the ISM index for the manufacturing industry and the construction costs released.

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