Oliver Pocher with clear words after the verdict of Boris Becker

Oliver Pocher comments on the prison sentence against tennis legend Boris Becker.

Oliver Pocher comments on the prison sentence against tennis legend Boris Becker.Image: oliverpocher / instagram

On Friday, a London court sentenced Boris Becker to two and a half years in prison for various bankruptcy offenses. The tennis legend will actually have to sell half of it. In Germany, the topic is now hotly debated, including Lilly Becker, the 54-year-old’s ex, who has spoken. In an interview with RTL, she said their 12-year-old son, Amadeus, knew nothing of the latest developments. The situation is also very difficult for the family.

Becker doesn’t necessarily have the best relationship with comedian Oliver Pocher, the two have often verbally shared against each other in the past. Now, however, Pocher claims in his Instagram story that he can empathize well with the Becker family’s plight and reveals that from his point of view a completely different celebrity deserves tougher judgment.

Boris Becker in prison: Pocher can’t understand the excitement

There is no satisfaction there. You don’t say: great, now he has what he deserves, “says Pocher against the backdrop of the verdict, according to which the award-winning Wimbledon winner is said to have hidden parts of his fortune. Since the comedian is a father himself, it seems. it can even empathize well with the situation for the people involved:

“I can empathize with all children, especially the little ones, because it’s just a totally uncomfortable situation.”

Boris Becker now has to go to prison.

Boris Becker now has to go to prison.Bild: NurPhoto / WIktor Szymanowicz

In the course of the proceedings in Britain, however, it had already emerged that Becker could not count on a light sentence, according to Pocher. Therefore, the prison sentence is a logical consequence for him. “On the other hand, it’s nothing unusual. That’s the way the laws are. After the points, it was actually relatively clear to see what it would be like. So I am surprised that many expected a verdict that would go in the direction of acquittal or probation“, the 44-year-old soberly summarizes on social media.

Finally, Pocher classifies the Becker ruling with respect to a completely different case – that of Christoph Metzelder, sentenced to ten months with suspended sentence in 2021 for possession and transmission of child pornography, in contrast to the former professional tennis player, i.e. not in prison. has arrived. The comedian says: “In the end, I would have found a more severe judgment appropriate for Christoph Metzelder. I think what happened there is much worse and more dramatic than what Boris Becker did. The laws are as they are, you cannot choose them. “


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