No EM 2028 and 2032: UEFA rejects Russia’s applications

No EM 2028 and 2032
UEFA rejects offers from Russia

Right in the middle of the war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia surprises them with offers for the European Football Championships in 2028 and 2032. UEFA has now officially declared that nothing will come of it. The club and the Russian national teams remain banned from international competitions.

The European Football Association has clarified and further tightened the sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. Russia is not allowed to apply for the European Championships in 2028 or 2032, nor is the country allowed to participate in the Nations League or the Women’s European Championships in the summer. Furthermore, the executive has decided that neither men’s nor women’s teams will be able to play in European club competitions in the 2022/2023 season.

Despite isolation from the war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia was aiming for the European Championship 2028 or 2032. Russia has experience in hosting large tournaments, the head of the association, Alexander Dyukov, justified the question. The country hosted the 2018 World Cup, several matches of the European Championship were held in St. Petersburg in 2021.

Candidates must “not discredit UEFA”

As announced now by UEFA, the executive has declared the appeals inadmissible. This was justified by the fact that the applicants must ensure, inter alia, that their behavior does not bring UEFA, other applicants, the application process or European football into disrepute. In addition, an application precludes the exclusion of Russian teams from all competitions because the host of a final stage is automatically entitled to a starting place.

UEFA and the FIFA World Association had excluded Russia’s national and club teams from all competitions due to the aggressive war in Ukraine. The latest decision also provided that the Russian men’s selection could not participate in the Nations League and that the team was relegated from the B-League.

The women’s national team was banned from the EM from 6 to 31 July in England. It is replaced by Portugal. Russia will also no longer play the 2023 World Cup qualifiers in Australia and New Zealand, previous results would be canceled and Group E with Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Malta and Azerbaijan would continue as group five.

The same goes for the elimination for the 2023 European U21 Juniors in Georgia and Romania, where Group C players continue only with Spain, Slovakia, Malta, Lithuania and Northern Ireland.

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