Ninja Ice Cream Machine Create Me at a great price on QVC

Creamy ice creams, delicious milkshakes, frozen yogurt and more can be easily made with Ninja’s Creami compact ice cream maker. With seven preset programs for ice cream, ice cream, sorbet, smoothie cup, light ice cream, milkshake and extras, you can prepare a wide variety of delicacies at the push of a button.

The preparation is very simple: you put the desired ingredients in the ice container and freeze for 24 hours. Just before serving, place the container in the ice cream maker and select the desired program on the touch control panel. The so-called Creamify technology blends the frozen ingredients into a soft and creamy delicacy. Thanks to the extra program, you can add solid ingredients such as nuts, granola or chocolate chips and distribute them evenly in the container.

Conveniently, you get three ice cream containers with lids for the ice cream machine, so that you can produce multiple flavors at the same time. Each cup holds 473 milliliters, so you can make a total of around 1.4 liters of ice cream at one time. Another advantage is that the Ninja device is easy to clean thanks to the dishwasher safe parts.

That’s why we recommend the ice machine today

Making a delicious ice cream yourself is child’s play and you are in full control of the ingredients: an ice cream maker is ideal for those who love to experiment, vegans and allergy sufferers. The Creami model from the manufacturer Ninja impresses with its functions, ease of use and practical equipment.

Now the price is right too, because QVC only offers you the device today at a low historical price. You save 60 euros compared to the recommended price and at least 30 euros compared to other shops. Shipping is also free. For us a real bargain advice for the next hot days!

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