Next market hit at the supermarket: these staples are 50 percent more expensive: the economy

– Aldi, Lidl & Co. are raising prices – again. Particularly affected are meat and dairy products. The reason given is the high cost of energy.

As a consumer, you don’t have much to laugh about right now. Expensive loans, expensive groceries, late deliveries, high energy costs and reduced fuel taxes were welcomed, but more by the oil companies than by the end customer. But that’s not all bad news. The prices of some everyday products have risen again, and not infrequently.

Up to 50% more expensive

According to information from FOCUS Online, around 50 products in German discounters have become significantly more expensive since Monday. The biggest upside price swings can be seen on the refrigerated counter. Dairy products such as yogurt and quark in particular have risen significantly in price. The fruit quark strawberry from Aldi Süd’s “Milsani” brand now costs 1.49 euros. Last week, customers paid 99 cents for the same package, a whopping 50% surcharge. And it is not an isolated case. Chains such as Lidl, Edeka and Rewe have also raised the prices of dairy products.

The price of coffee rises

It’s not just for dairy products that you have to dig deeper into your pockets. The Germans’ “favorite drug” is also striking: coffee. Ten days ago, Aldi Süd’s Amaory coffee cost € 3.99, but since Monday the price has risen to € 4.29. For 500 gram packs of instant coffee you have to pay more than four euros across the board.

22 euros for minced meat

The price of “Jack’s Farm” minced meat rolls from Aldi Nord has even doubled. The kilo bag now costs € 9.99 instead of € 5.99 before. It looks even more drastic with the mixed hack. Base prices per kilo range from € 12 to € 22 in some cases.

Multiple causes

There is more than one reason for the rise in food prices. The war in Ukraine is one. The agricultural sector points to expensive energy and production costs as the most important factor. “The price of feed and fertilizer has increased enormously,” Eckhard Heuser of the Dairy Industry Association (MIV) told Münchner Merkur.

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