New Tesla Model 3 and Model Y from China to Germany>

As of May, just 293 Tesla electric cars were recently registered in Germany, the Federal Motor Transportation Authority announced this week. It was nearly 90 percent less than it was a year ago and less than it had been for a long time. However, the reason was not that suddenly they were no longer in demand, but there simply were hardly any: the Gigafactory in China did not produce at all until mid-April and then only to a limited extent until the end of May, and the German one is still in the initial ramp-up phase. According to observers, Tesla has meanwhile sent four ships with Model 3 and Model Y to Europe and on Friday the first of these electric cars was delivered to German customers. The remaining three shipments from China could also be delivered in time before the end of June.

Model 3 and Model Y awaiting retirement

In early June, the first Chinese ship for the second quarter of 2022 arrived at the Slovenian port of Koper, and Tesla shipments in many directions were subsequently reported. This Friday, the new Model 3 and Model Y could be seen at Tesla in Weiterstadt, for example, and Hamburg and other German locations are said to have received supplies. Another Tesla delivery center is located in Hanover, but on Saturday afternoon there was still nothing to be seen of the start of a wave – there were only a dozen new vehicles in the parking lot, which was sometimes full.

From other German locations, however, Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) forum customers have reported isolated handover since Friday. However, it was not yet a wave, but a trickle, and on Saturday it seemed to be broken again. Normally, Tesla’s suppliers would already be busy this time of the quarter, but the Chinese delay is evident. Because not a single Tesla was exported by the Gigafactory in April and May they were 22,340. Some of them are likely to go to other countries, and a number of Model Y Performances from the German factory will be added to Europe.

It is therefore unlikely that more than 20,000 Tesla deliveries will be made in Europe in the second quarter. That would be only about a third of the record value in the first three months of this year, for which a total of around 60,000 newly registered Model 3s and Model Ys have been reported. At the same time, deliveries are likely to be concentrated even more than usual in the last few days of the last month. On Saturday, according to observer @FMossotto, the second ship with new Tesla was already off the coast of Europe, the third in the Mediterranean and the fourth before the Suez Canal.

Smallest Tesla wave in the second quarter only in Europe

Deliveries of the latter in particular are expected to be limited in the second quarter, which is why European Tesla customers who are close to (or willing to join) the port can be expected to have preference at the end of June. Overall, however, the wave in Europe is probably more subdued than in the usual quarter-end months like this March, in which nearly 43,000 Model 3 and Model Y alone were registered in the major markets. He will still be hectic at Tesla for the rest of the month, CEO Elon Musk announced to employees this week, according to a report. The new factories have not yet put an end to the famous quarterly waves and only the one in Europe is smaller, but for a reason that neither Tesla nor customers should like.

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