New terms and conditions on Amazon Prime indicate a price increase

On July 11, Amazon will change its terms and conditions for the Prime subscription service. The wording is somewhat cryptic, but it indicates, among other things, a price increase. What will change for Amazon Prime customers?

Amazon has already raised prices in recent weeks, for example for its Amazon Music music streaming service. An “update to Prime terms and conditions” has now been announced, suggesting that the price of an Amazon Prime subscription may rise in the future as well.

Amazon changes the terms and conditions for the Prime service

Amazon Prime subscribers have received an email in recent days informing them of the new terms of use of the service. In general, there is little concrete information in the mail, which should only contain a summary of the modified terms and conditions:

The TECHBOOK editorial team also received an email from Amazon.Photo: TECHBOOK

If you take a closer look at the linked document with the marked changes, it says, for example: “We are authorized to change these conditions, the Prime service or parts thereof, to the extent such changes are minor or objectively justified (…) . ” In particular, many Markers can be found in paragraph 5.2 “Changes to the membership fee”. There it says: “We are authorized to adjust the membership fee at our reasonable discretion and objectively justified and objective criteria.” And then:

“An increase in the membership fee and a reduction in the membership fee may be considered (…) in order to pass on the resulting cost increases and / or cost savings for us, which are based on external circumstances that are outside the of our control and that relate to the specific costs of the Prime service in your country. “

Mail from Amazon

The fact that Amazon repeatedly refers to the point of a possible price adjustment in its email makes you turn your nose up and take note. The process is reminiscent of April, when Amazon Prime Music users first informed the new terms and conditions, and then announced the price increase in May. It is therefore clear to suspect that Amazon is now doing the same with its Prime membership. Amazon cites the costs of external service providers and currently high inflation as possible reasons for a price adjustment due to external circumstances.

Will the prices of Amazon Prime increase?

The latest price change on Amazon Prime was five years ago. At that time, the price went from 49 to 69 euros per year. Recently, as mentioned, Amazon Music has also gotten more expensive, as has Amazon Kids + in some cases. What was particularly surprising about the rise in the price of music is that it mostly affected Prime customers and not subscribers who only paid for streaming music.

So far, Amazon hasn’t officially announced a price hike. To TECHBOOK’s request, an Amazon spokesperson replied only very broadly: “We have updated the Amazon Prime Terms of Participation to provide even more detailed information on how and when we can make changes to these terms, our Prime service or our policies. conditions for membership in Prime. ” The company is currently keeping a low profile.

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The Amazon account can still be canceled until mid-July

To raise subscription prices, you need a clear legal basis. Amazon has now created this; the new terms and conditions for Amazon Prime will apply from 11 July 2022. Those who disagree have until then to cancel their account.

There are a few things to keep in mind: If you cancel your Amazon Prime account, you lose access to all Amazon services, including Music and Prime Video. Connected devices also no longer have access. Purchased or borrowed content, such as on Amazon Prime Video or Kindle, has also disappeared. Therefore, photos and videos stored in the Amazon Photos media library must be backed up in advance.


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