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Electric cars lost significantly in April, both in terms of market share and in absolute numbers. Tesla is also responsible for this.

New electric car registrations fell from 34,474 to 22,175 units from March to April 2022. A 36% decline within a segment within a month is serious, but the decline from the same month in 2021 is not that strong at the moment. 6.9%. However: The self-confident electrical department has taken a break with its steady growth.

The market share of electric cars has also decreased significantly. Against a total of 180,264 new registrations (minus 21.5%), electric vehicles accounted for 12.3% of new registrations in April 2022, up from 14.3% in March. The huge drop since March is mainly due to Tesla. While the US manufacturer shone with a total of over 8,000 new registrations a month ago and easily took the top two spots, April wasn’t enough for a top 20 spot for Model 3 and Model Y either.

Instead, the minis and compacts ranked at the top this month, with the Fiat 500 E coming first, not having climbed at all, but with similar monthly performance as before. The others were only worse. It is now well established that with the many model series that have been completely sold out, there is less willingness on the part of the buyer than the industry’s ability to supply. But there are currently no improvements in sight.

The 20 best electric cars in April 2022

Electric car registrations Top 20 April 2022

model series April 2022 January-April 2022
KIA EV6 401 1.281
HYUNDAI IONIQ5 439 3,064
AUDI Q4 453 2,527
VW ID 3 462 3.108
POLAR STAR 2 465 1,565
VW UP 493 2,596
DACIA SPRING 499 1,572
KIA NIRO 554 1,947
MERCEDES EQB 612 1,570
PEUGEOT 208 672 2,144
RENAULT ZOE 742 4,135
VW ID.4, ID.5 814 3,769
OPEL CORSA 859 3.141
SMART FORTWO 947 3,607
AUDI E-TRON 1.007 3,412
SKODA ENYAQ 1.030 3.623
HYUNDAI KONA 1.117 5,022
BMW I3 1.180 4,730
FIAT 500 1,827 6,471

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The shortage of supply brings curious results. Although customers are queuing up and additional demand is being generated given uncertainty about future subsidies, sales of electric cars are in sharp decline. The difference to Tesla in April is huge. The Model 3, which took the top spot last month, is no longer even in the top 20. A month ago, the number of new Model 3 registrations was 15 times higher.

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