New McDonald’s branch in Stuttgart: endless hamburger boom – Stuttgart

New design for the new McDonald’s in Königstrasse. Photo: McDonald’s

McDonald’s is opening a luxury branch on Königstrasse, and other burger chains also want to expand in Stuttgart. Peter Pane predicts 2022 will be a record year.

McDonald’s goes on the offensive in Stuttgart – with a “Restaurant of the future”. From Thursday 28 April Big Mac and cheeseburgers will be served on two floors in Königstraße 17. The highlight of the restaurant is a yellow staircase, of which have not yet been seen at McDonald’s in Germany. Customers can order and pay digitally in the restaurant, their individual wishes are fulfilled and food is brought to the table. The US chain is thus reacting to the trend of better burgers, which began in 2010 with start-ups looking for more quality, such as “Hans im Glück”. But other franchise chains also want to expand in Stuttgart. The market seems far from saturation.

McDonald’s remains the top dog in Stuttgart

Nobody in Stuttgart doubts McDonald’s role as the best dog. In 1978, the fast food giant opened its first restaurant in the state capital: at the exit of the S-Bahn station to Rotebühlplatz, the meatballs were fried for 27 years in what was once the branch with the highest sales. high of Germany. And McDonald’s on Marienstrasse has been open since 1979. The number of branches in the city has remained constant for a long time at nine, only the ownership has changed. Burger King, which arrived in Stuttgart in 1998, fills the gap with eight branches: in mid-April, the smallest snack bar in the Baden-Württemberg chain opened in the central station between platforms 8 and 9.

The wave of Better Burger brought more competition to the city: While McDonald’s sales fell by about 7.5% from 2012 to 2014 and Burger King was rocked by a hygiene scandal, “Hans im Glück” did. it’s spread. The Munich start-up, which has burgers on sourdough buns with blue cheese or avocado on its menu, has opened five branches in Stuttgart since 2014. The Milano’s restaurant is currently undergoing renovations. No further growth is expected, says Peter Prislin, the company’s marketing director, but adds: “The demand is and will remain uninterrupted.”

Stuttgart could use a second Five Guys

Some other suppliers have joined them. Also eight years ago, Burger House, which has several branches in Munich, opened a branch in Stuttgart. Five years later, Burgerheart and then Five Guys arrived in town. Burgerme, Peter Pane and Ruff’s Burger also started in mid and late 2020. The last two years “have not always been easy”, explains Jörg Gilcher, Head of Germany at Five Guys, “now we are enjoying the usual popularity again”. Last week, 4,000 burgers were prepared in the restaurant on Königstraße. He is convinced that Stuttgart can benefit from a second Five Guys, because “freshness, quality and good service” will prevail in the future as well.

Burgerme has already rented the property for a second branch in Stuttgart, the only thing missing is the franchisee, reports marketing manager Manfred Lugmayr. In Cannstatt, even quick burgers have to be delivered to the public from Esslinger Strasse. “Attention to delivery allows for our rapid growth,” explains the recipe for success. The Daily Burger gastronomy system, born in Vaihingen in 2013, is also looking for partners to help it grow. Peter Pane stays with a local in Stuttgart but expects a record year. Hunger for burgers remains great: “The hype knows no end,” says Frederike-Ottilie Schmidt of the company’s communications agency.

Completely new dining experience at McDonald’s

McDonald’s Stuttgart franchisee sold over four million chicken nuggets, 500,000 cheeseburgers and 400,000 Big Macs in 2021 despite the pandemic. Converted, every Stuttgart resident has been to a branch of Michael Betzien twice. On Königstraße, he promises “a whole new gastronomic experience” in a new design and “a place to go to enjoy relaxed burgers in the heart of Stuttgart”. McDonald’s is always looking for new locations, the company said. And with suitable offers, further openings in Stuttgart are possible. The coronavirus took down only two local establishments: Burger Republic in Schulstraße and the night shift in Obertürkheim had to give up in 2020.

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