New color for Ferrari in Barcelona?


New color for Ferrari in Barcelona?

Don’t worry, the F1-75 will obviously remain red! However, our Italian colleagues report that the Scuderia could slightly adjust the color again, to save weight.

Because Ferrari is currently still overweight. And the new color is said to save up to 700 grams. Incidentally, Ferrari is said to already have the lightest color in the entire field.

As part of the Barcelona update, however, one would like to squeeze a little more …


32 years ago today …

… Riccardo Patrese won the 1990 San Marino Grand Prix in Imola. The special thing: it was Patrese’s first win since the South African GP in 1983! With a waiting period of over six years, he easily made it to P1 in our series of photos:

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9:40 am

Speaking of Russel …

Together with world championship leader Leclerc, the Briton is the only rider this year to have completed all 285 laps in the previous five races. He is also the only driver to finish all the races in the top 5.

In the teams, Mercedes is still ahead with 569 out of 570 possible laps. He is just one lap away from Hamilton in Imola, where he got stuck at the back of the group and was lapped.


Other conspiracy theories …

… we have put together this series of photos for you! Since Maldonado’s number isn’t even the craziest …

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Speaking of Ferrari …

Also a piece of information from our Italian colleagues: Ferrari is organizing a so-called cinema day in Monza today. Leclerc is expected to hit the track with the F1-75 between 9:00 and 13:00.

Ferrari’s largest yard is currently the top speed. This should be improved with the Barcelona update. Maybe you want to use film day to gather some data here.

However, the possibilities on such a day are manageable: only 100 kilometers are allowed with special Pirelli demonstration tires.

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