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The world has seen many Porsche 911 Restomod projects. Nardone Automotive has taken over the Porsche 928, has extensively modernized the GT and upgraded it with a nearly 400 hp V8 engine.

For many, the Porsche 928 is still the epitome of the great touring sports car. This is also the case of the French Thierry Nardone, founder and owner of Nardone Automotive in Aix-en-Provence. In collaboration with the Italian designer Carlo Borromeo, he has now renewed the great old Porsche. The Nardone Porsche 928 was presented on June 8, 2022 in Milan. It is scheduled to make another appearance at the Goodwood Festival on Speed.

Lines only slightly modernized

Based on an existing 928, Nardone and Borromeo have completely reinterpreted the classic lines without departing too much from the original, mixing elements of the various 982 models such as the GTS or the S4. The body is made up almost entirely of carbon fiber laminate. The new LED headlights are now firmly on the bodywork, with small air intakes in the middle under the hood. Aprons have become rounder and have a more modern look. The wheel arches are filled with 18-inch forged wheels that echo the manhole wheel design of the Porsche 928.

The architecture of the original model is preserved inside, but it is much neater. Leather and Alcantara ensure the elegant appearance. The round instruments behind the three-spoke steering wheel had to be replaced by digital displays with a round central clock. The center console has been updated to the modern Porsche PCCM infotainment system.


Almost 400 hp for the V8

Nardone has improved the powertrain. The still-breathing eight-cylinder – displacement not mentioned – goes up to 395hp with a new engine control system and other upgrades. A modern six-speed manual gearbox is flanged – obviously still in transaxle configuration – working towards a new limited-slip differential on the rear axle. The technology package also includes a reinforced brake system, adaptive power steering and an electronically controlled chassis.

After the presentation, Nardone wants to push the small series production of the Porsche 928 Restmod. The first vehicles will be delivered to customers in 2024. However, Nardone has not yet announced the prices for the refurbished touring car.


Great. Classic design with modern technology – the perfect combination.

Terrible. A classic car must reflect the state of the art of the time.

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Thierry Nardone, a fan of the Porsche 928 since childhood, made his dream come true by launching a modernized version of the touring sports car. From 2024 he also wants to inspire customers with it. The Porsche 928 Restomod certainly has the potential to do that.

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