Mysterious hepatitis of children probably a consequence of Corona – Austria

The mysterious hepatitis of children puzzles researchers: there have also been two cases in Austria. Now there is a first clue to the cause.

WHO last reported 650 cases of the mysterious childhood hepatitis – symptoms can include vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, jaundice and increased liver enzyme values ​​- on May 26 from 33 countries – including two in Austria, such as reported by “Heute”. Both of the affected children – a boy and a girl – are under the age of ten and were treated in the Sant’Anna Children’s Hospital. You have not been vaccinated against coronavirus and had a corona infection prior to hepatitis.

The two Austrian children are not expected to be an isolated case with the surviving Covid19 infection. Because now doctors have discovered that children’s hepatitis is likely to be a long-time Covid symptom. Scientists in an Israeli case study report that five patients subsequently developed liver damage after surviving a corona infection, Kurier reports.

Two babies needed a new liver

As a result, two babies (aged three and five months) needed acute liver transplantation. The three-month-old baby tested positive for Covid-19 in February 2021, and three weeks later the liver failed. The five-month-old was diagnosed with liver failure in May 2021, after which he tested positive for Covid antibodies.

Three boys, two aged eight and one 13, also had hepatitis with biliary stasis. An eight-year-old had the Corona in December 2020, 130 days later he was treated for hepatitis in the hospital. Another eight-year-old had contracted Covid19 in January 2021 and was hospitalized for hepatitis 94 days later.

Relationship between coronary infection and liver disease

And finally a 13-year-old: in September 2021 he went through a corona infection that triggered hepatitis. 39 days later, the hepatitis appeared to resolve, but symptoms returned 53 days later. All three of the boys were treated with steroids and consequently their liver enzyme levels improved.

Conclusion of the study: Hepatitis could be a post-infectious immune reaction such as Pims or a dysregulation of the immune system, which could cause a susceptibility to other infectious agents due to a previous SARS-CoV-2 infection. About a month ago, a US case study linked coronavirus infection to the subsequent development of autoimmune liver disease with acute liver failure.

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