MotoGP live ticker Jerez: now the Moto3 qualifying


Moto3 Q1: Best time Toba

And on the last lap, Kaito Toba set the best time of 1: 46.858 minutes. The Japanese is 0.064 seconds faster than Scott Ogden. Matteo Bertelle and Xavier Artigas also enter Q2.

Tatsuki Suzuki is sixth and has already finished work. A great race to catch up awaits the Japanese tomorrow. Finally, Syarifuddin Azman crashes into turn 6 with a highside. He replaces the injured Alberto Surra in the snipers team.


Moto3 Q1: Almost everyone has one more try

A few seconds before the time runs out, the runners cross the finish line and start their last attempt. But Ogden and Artigas are late and turned away.

Ogden leads the times ahead of Artigas, Toba, Holgado, Suzuki and Fernandez.


Moto3 Q1: pit stop

More recently in Portimao, the drivers completed the 15 minutes on a wet track. There are now two more attempts under the sun. In the pit lane there are the usual waiting games to find a fast rear wheel.


Moto3 Q1: Ogden best time

The ranking is changing! Newcomer Scott Ogden is now leading the time trial ahead of PrüstelGP’s Xavier Artigas.

Ana Carrasco is also having a difficult time at home as the Spaniard is two seconds behind.


Moto3 Q1: Toba advances

The early days have arrived and Kaito Toba takes the lead ahead of Daniel Holgado. Tatsuki Suzuki ranks third. The Japanese stopped at the end of FT3 without fuel.


Moto3 Q1: The first decision

The first qualifying starts and with Tatsuki Suzuki, Xavier Artigas and Mario Ajo we have three big names in the first leg.


Moto2: they are directly qualified for Q2

Jake Dixon (Kalex)
Sam Lowes (Kalex)
Barry Baltus (Kalex)
Marcel Schrotter (Kalex)
Pedro Acosta (Kalex)
Joe Roberts (Kalex)
Fermin Aldeguer (Darkwood)
Ai Ogura (Kalex)
Gabriel Rodrigo (Kalex)
Celestino Vietti (Kalex)
Tony Arbolino (Kalex)
Augusto Fernandez (Kalex)
Aron Canet (Kalex)
Lorenzo Dalla Porta (Kalex)


Moto2 FT3: Checkered flag

Practice ends and Jake Dixon remains ahead with 1: 41.556 minutes. We have a double British advantage because Sam Lowes is second.

Barry Baltus sets the scene with the third fastest time. And Marcel Schrötter is in fourth place in the leading group. Pedro Acosta completes the top 5.

The time frames are extremely tight. Lorenzo Dalla Porta is 14th, trailing by just 0.367 seconds.


Moto2 FT3: Yellow flags

The veteran Corsi crashes at turn 5 and causes yellow flags. Therefore, Acosta a strong lap time is canceled.

And Alcoba slides over the finish line and there are the next yellow flags.


Moto2 FT3: Dixon best time

Jake Dixon sets a new best time of 1: 41.556 minutes. He is now driving ahead of Lowes, Baltus, Schrötter and Roberts.

Vietti improves in ninth place. There are 3 minutes left.


Moto2 FT3: Vietti is no longer in the top 14

There are some improvements, including Baltus moving up to fifth place. Vietti is only 15th and would not be in Q2 at the moment.


Moto2 FT3: the hunt for time is active

There is a lot of traffic and Roberts improves to sixth place.

Jorge Navarro crashes into turn 2. He and his Kalex crash into Airfance but Navarro is fine.

Schrötter also enters the track in the last five minutes.


Moto2 FT3: Everyone in the pits

Suddenly everything is quiet as everyone in the pits is preparing for the hunt for the final time.

Currently in the second quarter they are: Lowes, Dixon, Schrötter, Acosta, Ogura, Aldeguer, Arbolino, Fernandez, Canet, Chantra, Vietti, Arenas, Roberts and Bendsneyder.


Moto2 FT3: Vietti gegen Dalla Porta

Vietti feels stopped and hindered by Dalla Porta, which the championship leader shows with clear gestures and hand gestures. He shouldn’t overdo it, because the race organizers don’t like it when people scold too much.


Moto2 FT3: The order

The overall ranking changed quite significantly in the early stages. Lowes precedes Dixon, Schrötter, Acosta, Ogura, Aldeguer, Arbolino, Fernandez, Canet and Vietti.


Moto2 FT3: Best time for Lowes

On his seventh lap, Sam Lowes set a new overall best time of 1: 41.568 minutes.

And Schrötter is also doing well in training, as the German climbs to third place in the overall standings.

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