More effective than coffee: this snack is a cure-all

  • Because we often have a low noon?
  • pumpkin seeds it should help better than coffee
  • This is why they act against fatigue

After eating during the lunch break, the office comes quickly fatigue. Our eyes hardly want to stay open and the midday crisis hits us between 12:00 and 14:00. This is mainly due to the fact that our body needs a lot of energy after a meal to digest food. As a result, oxygen-rich blood flows into the abdomen and not so much into the brain. We also don’t move around the office much and rarely get a stimulating and refreshing walk after a meal. Coffee is the solution to the problem for many people in this case. The included Caffeine of the aromatic hot drink takes effect after about 30 minutes and spreads through the blood throughout our body. It even surpasses the blood brain barrier. The fatiguing messenger substance adenosine is blocked and the nerve pathways do not receive the slowing signal and instead simply continue to function. Sounds good? But regular caffeine consumption quickly leads to addiction and the effect diminishes significantly. Plus, coffee never replaces getting enough sleep. So what do you do?

Pumpkin seeds: This is why they work against fatigue

Who not necessarily in one low noon If you want to have a coffee, you definitely have a very healthy and tasty alternative: pumpkin seeds. They help in many ways. For one, they get better absorption of dompamine. The messenger substance controls emotional, mental and motor reactions. It will therefore also be “lucky messenger“called. On the other hand, the cores contain a lot Magnesium. This keeps our blood sugar level stable so it can’t drop and cause a midday drop.

These kernel ingredients help us without caffeine against fatigue. Furthermore, cores generally contain many of the essential ones Trace elements, vitamins and nutrients. They keep you full for a long time and provide the body with healthy fats.

Specially pregnant women benefit from the activating and revitalizing effect of the seeds. Since caffeine consumption can also affect the growth of the baby, pregnant women should as little coffee as possible to eat. It therefore makes sense to look for pumpkin seeds, which also provide the body with valuable ingredients.


So, if you want to drink less coffee, don’t tolerate it so well or are craving a healthy and invigorating snack, you should in the future pumpkin seeds incorporate it into your lunch. It does not matter if pure, in salads or yogurtthe small nuclei cut a good figure everywhere!

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