Monkeypox spread through close

The number of monkeypox cases in the UK has risen to 366. Meanwhile, a survey found that intimate contact appears to be the main route of transmission. The British Health Safety Authority (UKHSA) released its first technical briefing on the outbreak on Friday. Previously, he had conducted extensive interviews with patients so that healthcare professionals could better understand transmission and determine how to address interventions.

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Professor Paul Hunter of the University of East Anglia told Xinhua on Saturday that the UKHSA briefing highlighted the risks of spreading the disease. “It appears that transmission of monkeypox occurs almost exclusively through close, intimate contact,” said Hunter, “so people should avoid contact with people who may be infected, especially if they have a rash.”

In its update at the end of the week, UKHSA said 43 other cases of monkeypox were detected in England, one additional case in Scotland and one additional case in Wales. This brought the total number of confirmed cases in the UK to 366 as of 9 June. There are currently 348 confirmed cases in England, 12 in Scotland, two in Northern Ireland and four in Wales.

According to the agency, 81% of the cases surveyed were based in London, with 99% male. The average age of confirmed cases in the UK is 38.

Of the 152 men surveyed, 151 reported being gay, bisexual, or men having sex with men or having same-sex contact. 75 cases indicated that they had traveled abroad in the last 21 days before symptoms appeared, 59 of them in Europe.

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