Modeste stands above the Cologne collective

After the victory against Arminia Bielefeld, half of Cologne speaks only of Anthony Modeste’s coffee celebrations. But the leaders need not take the club and the team’s goals more seriously.

Steffen Baumgart became a warning after the 3-1 win against Bielefeld. At the post-game press conference, the 50-year-old sat down and it looked like his team had just lost and given away a win. FC had just won their third consecutive third, consolidated seventh place and even climbed three points from fifth.

So everything could have been so beautiful. But Baumgart wasn’t in the mood for praise songs. Not on his team (“We shouldn’t think things will go by themselves”), not on match winner Marvin Schwäbe (“He keeps us in the game, but he was better with the ball”), and certainly not on modest Anthony.

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Despite scoring the all-important 2-1, then – and this is where it got bizarre – he fished out a packet of coffee beans from a bag near the opponent’s goal and displayed them in front of the camera. His coffee, his brand of coffee.

1. FC Köln: Modeste is the closest to itself

Covert advertising during a Bundesliga match? Steffen Baumgart exploded after 90 minutes. “Football is thin ice. You don’t have to overdo it. Otherwise you put your face in your mouth.” Baumgart didn’t want to say more, but he didn’t have to.

Modeste had really overreacted. The Frenchman showed for a moment his often forgotten face in the shadow of his many goals: the face of a 34-year-old who is closest to him.

Does Modeste know what it is?

A high-level center forward usually has a good deal of selfishness, as does Anthony Modeste. But on Saturday he let that selfishness spread in a way 1 didn’t like. FC Köln.

If you don’t celebrate with your teammates after a goal, but advertise your private team activity on the pitch, you have doubts whether you are really aware of the stakes at this important stage of the season.

First coffee team, then contractual negotiations?

Because at that moment, Saturday afternoon, Modeste took first place on the collective of 1. FC Köln and its own interests. He knows he will get away with it as long as he pays off with goals.

But Modeste showed the fans, managers and even the players that football is above all one thing for him: a business. It may not be reprehensible, but it could quickly get back on its feet.

Because it’s not the only selfish game Modeste plays. The Frenchman wants a contract extension, otherwise he wants to leave Cologne. He made this request public in the second half of the season, at a time when 1. FC Köln would have had more serious problems than a 34-year-old, for whom it is obviously not enough to be the team leaders until 2023.

Cologne: Baumgart wants players to “play our game”

Now this group of cafes. Steffen Baumgart and Anthony Modeste maintain an open relationship. This interaction between the coach and the center forward has been one of the secrets of the goats’ success this season. Modeste has now put a strain on this relationship because Baumgart does not tolerate any selfishness.

Baumgart recently said about the qualities of the players he would like to have on the team: “Part of it is that you don’t play your game here, you play our game.” However, Modeste was only playing his game when he celebrated against Bielefeld on Saturday.

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