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The presentation of the Tesla Semi in November 2017 was a complete success, and in two respects. Because not only was the electric truck, which for $ 180,000 would have to travel 800 kilometers more on one battery charge, received enthusiastically, but Tesla also impressed with a new generation of Roadster (see photo), which you can try and order. immediately as a passenger. Production of the two new models was supposed to start in 2020, but there has been less concrete news of the Roadster than of the Semi since then. And a blogger has now received an offer to get a Model S plaid.

The new roadster becomes a late dessert

Since May 2019, the new Roadster has been the “dessert” for Tesla CEO Elon Musk, as he stated in a podcast interview. About a year later he put it more concretely with the same expression: first the Gigafactory had to be built near Berlin and the one in China had to be expanded, and before the Roadster Cybertruck and Semi should also come. At that time, all of this is expected to be done by the end of 2021. But the two commercial electric cars have been on the way for a long time, and with them the Roadster – and Tesla also needs to put the new Gigafactory into operation in Texas and is apparently preparing more. factory locations.

So the dessert for Tesla and his customers kept changing. Most recently, Musk announced it in April, along with Semi and Cybertruck, for 2023. Around that time, a paper from a market research firm became known, talking about starting roadster production in Fremont in July. . It wouldn’t be long after the long wait so far. But for the remainder of this quarter, it looks like Tesla is trying to get Roadster customers to switch to a Model S Plaid first.

This was announced Tuesday on Twitter by Fred Lambert, the lead author of the Electrek blog, who secured two Roadsters at a 100% discount on the purchase price with Tesla’s previous recommendations: he posted an email in which received information from Tesla when a Roadster reservant is approached and offered to get a Model S plaid instead (or sooner). With acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.1 seconds, it is the fastest production car on the market and is also available at short notice. The email shows data on three of the Tesla Plaids with different trim levels.

Tesla does not respond to the counter-proposal

Some Twitter users took this as an indication that Tesla no longer wants to build the Roadster. However, it could also simply be related to the fact that in the current second quarter, what can still be saved after the loss of about two-thirds of Tesla’s production in China due to the crown lock – anyone who ordered a roadster could do so too. Spontaneously Be excited about a Model S plaid that would contribute to Tesla’s second quarter deliveries and earnings before the end of June.

Lambert himself tried to make a counteroffer to Tesla, as he further wrote: he wanted to give up one of his free Roadsters in exchange for a Model S Plaid. This would reduce the company’s premium cost by approximately $ 100,000, but the proposal was ignored. From a financial standpoint, this is only understandable if Tesla doesn’t intend to gift Roadsters to hardworking customer recruiters as promised, the blogger wrote. However, this question will likely only finally be clarified when the Roadster actually exists, which is in 2023 or whenever Elon Musk sees enough time for at least a dessert in between.

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