Mixed regional fleet: Lufthansa could fly with Airbus A220 and Embraer E2

Embraer or Airbus? Maybe both. At least Lufthansa chief Carsten Spohr doesn’t rule him out when he renews the regional fleet.

Lufthansa is currently mainly concerned with the question: where will the big planes that will be needed in the summer of 2023 come from? In addition, the management of the group also takes care of long-term fleet planning. Because regional airlines will also need to be replaced in the coming years.

Lufthansa Cityline’s Bombardier CRJ and Cityline and Air Dolomiti’s Embraer E-Jets have not yet reached the end of their useful life. But they’re not getting any younger. The Lufthansa Group must therefore also ask itself the question of how it wants to go in the future: with the Airbus A220 or the Embraer E2?

Offers not yet officially requested

Or with both? At least Carsten Spohr doesn’t rule it out. And not just because the Embraer E2 and A220 can cover segments of other sizes. “It is always true that the higher the number, the greater the potential discount,” said the Lufthansa boss in a media interview during the IATA annual meeting in Doha.

“On the other hand, you don’t want to depend more than to a certain extent on one supplier.” It is not a shame to have options. It will take some time for the discounts to be considered. “We haven’t even officially asked for bids,” Spohr said.

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