Michael Patrick Kelly: The right time for espresso and herbal grappa

How do you prepare for your September concerts?

Michael Patrick Kelly: To prepare for a tour, I have to get physically fit. When I sing, more than 100 muscles are at work, lots of small muscles that you wouldn’t otherwise notice or know. Several weeks before the tour starts, I get on the treadmill and sing the entire show while jogging. This is how the body gets used to being in motion and having to sing for more than two hours. Also, I checked my blood levels to see if I have enough vitamin D, iron, etc., for example.

During the tour I pay a lot of attention to my diet, which I eat enough carbohydrates and proteins. In my dressing room I have a humidifier for the voice, because the air in the rooms where we often play is very dry. I also always have a thermos with fresh ginger tea, which I sweeten with buckwheat honey.

Right before the concerts, I drink an espresso and sometimes a sip of herbal grappa. On the one hand to “oil” the vocal cords and on the other to calm the stomach, because I am always excited before leaving. After the concerts I take electrolytes and a lot of water because you sweat a lot. Sure, it’s not as much as with a high-performance athlete, but it’s heading in the right direction. I drink at least 3 liters a day on tour.

This interview excerpt is only available online. You can read Michael’s further answers to our questions in the printed edition of Apotheken Magazin from June 15, 2022 or online from July 1, 2022 here.

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