Miami GP: Sebastian Vettel protests against FIA advance in underwear – Ralf Schumacher criticizes the action

Ralf Schumacher criticized Heppenheimer’s action on “Sky” during the first training session: “Well, I think it’s all a bit childish, to be honest. Both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian should actually be in favor, because it’s about safety”.

“And one thing is clear too, a fireproof suit and fireproof underwear can last a long time, but if the heat gets too strong, the cotton on the skin melts and I don’t think they want it either,” Schumacher explained.

So he had a piece of advice ready for Sebastian Vettel: “I had my boxers fireproof. I sent them to the manufacturer we had at the time, then they made them for me and it was great.”

Miami GP

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In addition to fireproof underwear, the FIA ​​also deals with another topic. The World Automobile Federation bans drivers from wearing jewelry in the cockpit, after which Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton clarified his position at the Miami press conference by wearing more rings, watches, necklaces and earrings than usual and threatening a boycott.

Schumacher also criticized the Hamilton jewelry protest

Schumacher also showed little sympathy for this action, since the jewelry heated up significantly in a fire accident like Romain Grosjean in Bahrain in 2020. “It just got out of hand. It’s like in the sauna: when the jewelry gets out of hand. they heat up and then come back to your skin, you don’t want it and the temperatures here are even warmer than in the sauna, “explained the 46-year-old.

Sebastian Vettel Protests In Miami With Underpants Over Racing Suit Against FIA’s Move To Verify In The Future Whether Drivers Will Wear Flame Retardant Underwear

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“And especially after Grosjean’s accident, you should actually know better and then not attend the press conference with three watches and lots of jewels in protest,” criticized the former Formula 1 driver. “Honestly, it’s childish.”

After the first free practice session, Schumacher repeated his criticisms of Vettel and Hamilton: “He is a bit silly and reminds me of kindergarten”. He points out that the two are sports icons and should therefore serve as role models for the youth classes.

Schumacher confident: FIA race director Niels Wittich will go into action

“Drivers who drive Formula 3 and Formula 4 should also know that the greats stick to it. And above all it’s about their own safety and that’s actually the ridiculous thing that such experienced people who have had so many accidents have seen. teasing like that. I think it’s a shame, “said the Formula 1 expert.

Schumacher assumes that FIA race director Niels Wittich, who he knows himself from the DTM, will not be affected by the protests and will resist the drivers: “I know him well enough and he has the cross, I’ll do it. I’m not worried at all.”

“Sebastian and Lewis will have to cut their teeth because they are wrong and that will lead to sanctions or exclusion. I don’t know if anyone will want to do it because Wittich has more leverage there.”

Schumacher also believes that the problem will be resolved quickly, given that he also believes Hamilton’s team boss, Toto Wolff, has spoken out in favor of the ban on jewelry in the passenger compartment because he is aware of his responsibility to ensure the safety of all Mercedes drivers.

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