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A Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR – the legendary “Uhlenhaut Coupé” – could be the most expensive car of all time. Like the sector portal “ HagertyAccording to reports, the model, of which only two were built, was reportedly sold for a staggering 135 million euros at a secret auction on May 6.

That would make the car more than three times more expensive than the previous record holder, a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO. This changed hands a few years ago for over 40 million euros.

“Hagerty” himself speaks of “rumors”, but refers to “different sources”. Consequently, an auction house that does not want to be named, the rare reflex for Mercedes-Benz sold it.

The 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, only two examples were built. SLR stands for “super”, “light” and “racing”

Photo: Mercedes Benz

A coveted collector's item: the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing

A coveted collector’s item: the Mercedes-Benz Gullwing

Photo: Daimler AG

Auction details? Silence! Only a dozen hand-picked, super-wealthy car collectors are said to have been invited, and some have flown in by private jet.

The million-dollar deal is said to have taken place in the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, which closed for a day specifically for this purpose. The buyer? It is said that a big shot of the British auto industry. However, both Mercedes-Benz and the auction house known as “Hagerty” declined to comment on the matter.

But how can a car be so expensive? As I said, there are only two. These differ only in the color of the interior – red and blue. The Mercedes gullwing is still one of the most sought after collectibles, the models in perfect condition have a value of 1.4 million euros. The fact that the rare special version of Uhlenhaut is said to have sold for nearly a hundred times its price is sensational.

The 300 SLR has never been used in racing

The 300 SLR has never been used in racing

Photo: Daimler AG

When the car was built in 1956, it was one of the absolute super sports cars of its time and had a top speed of 286km / h, which was breathtaking for the time. The special 300 SLR got its name from the fact that Rudolf Uhlenhaut, head of the test department at the time, used the speedster as a company car.

The coupe was originally intended for use in motor racing, but after a tragic accident during the 1955 season, Mercedes withdrew from racing for many years.

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