Mega demolition at Kaufpark Nickern: approval for the new building is lacking

Construction work on Kaufpark Nickern is proceeding. The former hardware store, furniture store and gas station are all gone. However, something is still missing for the new building.

Dresden – Construction work in progress Kaufpark Nickern progress. The former hardware store is gone, as well as the furniture store and gas station. Now the parking is on the collar. The excavators remove the concrete piece by piece, thus creating space for the first new buildings of the new shopping center. However, the permit is still missing.

For the new building, the hardware, furniture shop and petrol station have already been demolished. © Steffen Fussel

Consequently, investor Kurt Krieger (74) will follow Thursday’s city council meeting with great interest. There it will be decided whether or not the councilors will accept the development plan and thus his plans for the new construction of the Kaufpark.

The chances are pretty good, given that the proposal had already been approved by the construction committee in mid-May with no votes against and one abstention.

“I hope that the building permit or partial building permit will be available a few days after the decision,” says Krieger construction manager Andreas Uhlig (64). If it works, construction work on the first part of the new mall could begin in July. Until then, demolition will continue and the area will be cleared.

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The first of the three new buildings is expected to be ready by Christmas 2024. Kaufland and Media Markt, among others, will move there, so that the rest of the old Kaufpark can be demolished.

Construction manager Andreas Uhlig (64) hopes to start construction in July.

Construction manager Andreas Uhlig (64) hopes to start construction in July. © Petra Hornig

However, it’s not just the shops that are moving into the new Kaufpark. The city of Dresden will also have premises “for the purpose of promoting art and culture”.

In exchange, it receives an area of ​​at least 300 square meters for ten years to be used free of charge. Only operating costs are due. An idea on exactly how to use the rooms is currently being worked out in the town hall.

Furthermore, Krieger supports the conversion of the former Lockwitz mill tender in Niedersedlitz into a nearly natural water system planned by the city with 100,000 euros. The City Council is expected to decide whether to accept both donations in July.

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