McDonald’s: Coupons make customers desperate – FOR THE reason

McDonald’s: Coupons make customers despair – that’s what’s behind it

Burger King vs McDonalds: fast food giants compared

Burger King vs McDonalds: fast food giants compared

What’s the difference between the two fast food giants McDonalds and Burger King?

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Self McDonald’s When coupons are handed out, many customers really want burgers, fries, and the like. After all, customers can save a lot of money with coupons.

But a McDonald’s Wanted to redeem the coupons he was probably disappointed many times. The reason: the local branch does not always have the products for which there are vouchers in the app.

McDonald’s: Coupons are confusing

While classics like cheeseburgers, Big Macs or chicken nuggets are always available at every McDonald’s restaurant, special offer meals may be missing at some branches. Chilli snickers, rainbow sticks, cheese croissants or French fries are not always available at McDonald’s, and especially not in all branches.

It may happen that customers receive coupons for such promotional products in the McDonald’s app, but the meals are not available at the branch in their home regions. “Since our restaurants are mainly operated by franchisees as partners of McDonald’s Germany, they can individually decide the promotional products in their range”, explains the company when a customer asks him: “This is why it can happen that the offer is not available. in all restaurants. “


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McDonald’s: Strawberry Surprise

Another customer made a completely different discovery from McDonald’s. She was amazed that the fast food giant deliberately avoided using plastic straws, but still offered plastic cups.

McDonald’s statement: “We are constantly working at full speed to make our packaging more sustainable and to reduce it in general. That’s why, for example, we switched to cardboard straws and wooden spoons. We are also currently testing the use of reusable packaging for our most popular drinks and desserts in numerous restaurants. “

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