Mayor Müller from Aldi roasting

Mayor Matthias Müller comments on the closure of the Markus Kaffee roastery in Herten-Süd. © Bergmannshoff / City of Herten

Mayor Müller visits Aldi Markus Kaffee’s branch in Herten in March. CEOs guide him through roasting. Eleven weeks later they announce the closure. Did Müller foresee this?

The situation is bizarre. In mid-March, Mayor Matthias Müller and Janine Feldmann, first deputy and head of town planning, visited the Aldi group in the south of Herten. There is a regional company responsible for 90 branches, a central warehouse and one of only two German roasting plants belonging to the subsidiary Aldi Markus Kaffee. Müller and Feldmann had not imposed themselves, on the contrary. The two managing directors Reinhard Giese (Aldi) and Felix Regehr (Markus Kaffee) invited the guests and guided them personally, including through roasting. Eleven weeks later, the closure of the site was announced, combined with mass layoffs. It is difficult to imagine that at the time of Müller’s visit, this development had not already been hinted at behind the scenes. But how did he experience the situation himself?

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