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The Nordjyske internet portal reports another suspected fraud involving Danish horse dealer Andreas Helgstrand. This time around, it is Nordic Sales International’s most expensive foal. And a deficit of 340,000 Danish crowns.

This is the best foal of the Nordic Sales 2020 auction, bought by Andreas Helgstrand. The organizer was the Danish Warmblood Breeding Association, Dansk Varmblod. According to official information, the most expensive foal was the bay of Gammelengårds Galiano. Victory of the Great Galaxy. The foal is said to have cost 54,000 euros.

Andreas Helgstrand buys the foals before the auction

According to research by the Danish Internet portal Nordjsyke, the foal was bought by Andreas Helgstrand before the auction. According to Nordjyske, the Danish horse dealer had previously discussed with an investor whether to buy the colt at auction. As a result, it was agreed that the investor, who did not want his name displayed in public, would pay for the foal in full: Helgstrand would, however, acquire half by raising and training the foal.

Andreas Helgstrand is said to have approached the breeder of his son Grand Galaxy Win and made the following deal with her: he would guarantee her that she would receive at least 75,000 Danish crowns (a whopping 10,000 euros). Anything beyond this hammer price in the auction would be shared.

The breeder, Nanna Jønsson, says she acted under pressure. Nordjyske quotes her saying: “I didn’t have time to think about what I was getting into.” You don’t want to have acknowledged that it was a fraudulent action. Eventually, the colt sold for € 54,000 and reported in press releases as the highest price for a stallion.

A few weeks passed after the auction and Helgstrand reportedly did not contact the breeder. Then he said that the investor had withdrawn from the deal and that the deal had gone through. To what extent the Danish Warmblood Association is involved at this point is not clear from the article.

St.GEORG sent a request to Dansk Varmblod, which has remained unanswered so far. Dansk Varmblod president Jan Pedersen is also president of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) and was himself involved in a dubious deal with Andreas Helgstrand. Dansk Varmblod’s managing director, Casper Cassøe, who also acts as the auctioneer at the association’s auctions, is also the managing director of the organizing committee of the 2022 Herning World Championships.

Deal with the breeder: 187,500 Danish kroner

The breeder was dissatisfied with Helgstrand’s statement and negotiated with the horse dealer. He just wanted to pay her 50,000 Danish kroner (about 6,700 euros). In the end, the two sides agreed to pay 187,500 euros (25,000 euros).

Andreas Helgstrand is said not to have mentioned this deal to the anonymous financier. According to Nordjyske reporters, who spoke to the financier, he had not pulled back from the purchase at all. Rather, as agreed, he had received a statement: auction price plus tax, for a total of 527,000 Danish kroner (70,800 euros). The bottom line is that Andreas Helgstrand was not only the owner of half of the colt at the time, but he is also said to have “earned” a difference of 339,500 Danish kroner (a whopping 45,000 euros).

The breeder has given up on horse breeding

Breeder Nanna Jønsson is still angry about what happened, writes Nordjyske: “It’s crazy. She gets 340,000 crowns and a half horse. Double what I was making for selling a whole horse.” Meanwhile, Jønsson has given up on horse breeding.

Andreas Helgstrand declined further comment when asked by Nordjyske.

In the July issue of St. GEORG (publication date: June 24, 2022) we took a closer look at the activity of Andreas Helgstrand.

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