Market Update: Dax Down Again – Nordex Flies Out of S- and Tecdax, SMA Solar Rises, Südzucker Shares Continue Yesterday’s Rally | news

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The Dax fell again on Thursday. In early trading, the main German index hit another low since March after recovering the previous day. Most recently, it lost 1.84% to 13,238 points. The MDax lost 2.18% to 27.178 points. The Eurozone’s leading EuroStoxx 50 index fell 1.7%. Nervousness remains high, intermediate price hikes are quickly used for sales.

The Fed had raised US interest rates by 0.75 percentage points the night before, a little more than most pundits initially expected. But some had thought even more possible than this, the biggest rate hike since 1994. The Fed is fighting the highest inflation of the last 40 years. Central Bank President Jerome Powell is trying to balance a consistent tightening of monetary policy and calm the markets. In New York the exchanges reacted very positively, in Asia the trading centers reported losses on Thursday.

Online fashion retailers took center stage following Asos’ bearish forecast and a disappointing interim report from Boohoo . This established the titles of the German competitor Zalando noticeably under pressure. Newspapers fell on the bottom of the Dax to their lowest level since February 2019 and recently lost 10.5%.

The changes to the index have displaced the shares of the companies concerned. Shares of wind turbine manufacturer Nordex come from SDax and the TecDax collected, so that Nordex receives the receipt for the delayed submission of quarterly data. Stocks fell 1.4%, an order from Colombia likely thwarted the index’s expulsion.

SMA solar technology increased by four percent. In the technology stocks index, the stocks of the solar technology manufacturer replace those of Nordex. The special pharmaceutical company Medios grows back in the index of minor stocks, from which it had only fallen in September of last year. The averages have recently risen by a good two percent.

Sudzucker they expanded the previous day’s earnings by 3.6%. Warburg Research analyst Oliver Schwarz canceled his sell recommendation and therefore reacted to the increase in goals for the year, mainly thanks to the excellent development of CropEnergies.

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