Mario Basler shoots a tennis star on “Stern TV”.

Former professional footballer Mario Basler has joined "Stern TV" clearly positioned on the court verdict against Boris Becker on Sunday.

Former football pro Mario Basler clearly positioned himself on Sunday’s court verdict against Boris Becker on “Stern TV”.Image: RTL

The fate of Boris Becker moves Germany: one of the country’s greatest sports legends must imprisoned for two and a half years. The former tennis player must serve at least half. A London court, where Becker lives, found out on Friday.

The reason: Becker, who was declared insolvent by the court in 2017, had it he had to disclose his assets to the bankruptcy trustees and, in the court’s judgment, he left out important parts.

Sunday’s “Stern TV” program also addressed the question of whether the punishment against Becker is fair. One of the guests was Mario Basler. The former footballer is known for expressing his opinion clearly and therefore often irritating.

Former tennis star Boris Becker on Friday on his way to the court hearing in London which was decisive for him.

Former tennis star Boris Becker on Friday on his way to the court hearing in London which was decisive for him. Bild: ZUMA Press Wire / Tayfun Salci

As a punishment for Boris Becker, Basler said his sympathy was limited. “If I don’t have money, I can’t live like a prince.” Becker had the opportunity to disclose his assets, but did not use them.

Even former tennis player Kohde-Kilsch cannot defend Becker

Former tennis player Claudia Kohde-Kilsch, who was also a host on the show, sees it similarly. The former world number four (1985) knows Becker well, but has no understanding for him about it.

“I can’t defend his crimes,” says Kohde-Kilsch. And then: “He has done things that you are not allowed to do after the bankruptcy procedure was opened.” She too had to file for bankruptcy ten years ago, but the procedure was stopped after six months. “Wrong advice, stubbornness, unreality”summarizes the mistakes of the former champion.

Half of the viewers think the verdict is right

Even the editorial staff of “Stern TV” wanted to know from viewers what they think of the verdict against Boris Becker. According to broadcaster RTL, more than 10,000 people attended. The result: half of the verdict against the former tennis star is right.


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