Many people are familiar with vaginal dryness – better sex with the certified organic gel from Menoelle

The human body is constantly evolving throughout life. This is probably how the myth arose that, as a rule, a serious breakthrough in human development occurs every seven years. The so-called seven-year rule always explains what happens by chance: the change of teeth in school-age children, puberty, the desire to start a family, menopause in women, the midlife crisis, the quiet stages of aging until Death. When the body changes, so does human intimacy.

Due to the hormonal changes and fluctuations that occur, especially in menopausal, pregnant or breastfeeding women, many suffer from burning and itching in the intimate area, as well as pain during sexual intercourse. This is often referred to as vaginal dryness. Today’s woman no longer has to endure it: with the Manuel product range, menopausal symptoms and vaginal problems can be fought naturally and without hormones. But what does vaginal dryness actually mean for sex life? And which products really help against side effects?

What is vaginal dryness?

The healthy vagina is well supplied with blood and every day secretes a milky-whitish fluid (Fluor genitalis), which protects the female genitals from pathogens and ensures an acidic environment in the intimate area. This normal discharge keeps the vagina moist. This property is reduced in women suffering from vaginal dryness.

As we age, the vaginal mucosa also changes

Hormonal changes, diseases and other influences can change the vaginal mucosa. It is not uncommon for a vaginal fungus (vaginal mycosis, thrush) that affects the external genitalia (vulva) to be involved. Typical symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection are itching and burning, as well as a brittle discharge. When these symptoms appear, vaginal dryness quickly follows. The vagina, in turn, is more susceptible to inflammation and infection, putting the vagina at risk again.

Due to vaginal dryness, the mucous membrane of the vagina is less supplied with blood and is therefore also drier, more sensitive and more porous. The treatment options for vaginal dryness, which can also cause other symptoms, are diverse and depend on the causes. A natural, hormone-free treatment proves helpful here. Menoelle offers a bio-certified vaginal gel without unnecessary ingredients. The brand has the advantage of working with natural, hormone-free ingredients.

It is advisable to inquire about the ingredients of the products before purchasing a product for the intimate area. We especially recommend special vaginal gels, creams, suppositories and tablets which are plant-based and specially developed for the permanent supply of moisture to the vagina. The ingredients should aim to rebuild or restore vaginal flora that has lost its balance.

Warning: pain during intercourse

Vaginal dryness makes it more difficult for the penis to penetrate the dry vagina and causes pain during intercourse. When the woman is sexually aroused, the blood flow in the vagina increases and more moisture is produced. Intense foreplay can be very helpful and stimulating.

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