Manchester City win the intoxicating first leg semi-final against Real Madrid – Champions League – Soccer

And who now thought the “Blue sky” they would then have switched to administration mode first, they were deceived. Always led by de Bruyne, they tried to score the second goal as soon as possible. And this should be successful as early as the 11th minute. This time the Belgian crossed into the penalty area, Real defender David Alaba shoved the ball under his sole and Gabriel Jesus gave Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois no chance from six meters – and scored 2-0.

sleepy Madrilenians

While the British started the game wide awake and highly motivated in the early stages, the Spaniards looked restless, unfocused and sometimes even overwhelmed. Vinícius Júnior then had the first shot for the Madrid side after 18 minutes, but the Brazilian’s attempt almost ended in seitan. A mirror image of the Blancos’ performance so far.

With a little more vision than Mahrez, Manchester could have scored their third goal after just 27 minutes. But the 31-year-old completed the counter attack with an inaccurate shot from a tight angle to the side net instead of using the best-placed de Bruyne. Two minutes later, after the subsequent counterattack against the completely messy Spaniards, Phil Foden missed the next big chance.

Benzema – who else?

It seemed only a matter of time before the Los Blancos were relieved from the Citizens it would be completely consumed. But what would Real Madrid be without Karim Benzema? When nothing works anymore, French suddenly shows up – and how. First, Benzema placed a cross of millimeter precision on Alaba’s forehead, which he did Citygoal just missed. Then on the spot it was the attacker himself and, after a cross from Ferland Mendy, he scored a volley from 14 meters in the 1-2 (33 ‘).

As unpredictable as the first half ended, this semifinal continued in an extraordinary way. As soon as the two teams returned to the field, Mahrez had the great opportunity to raise after a counterattack. But he hit the post only after 48 minutes. Foden rebounded from five meters and was completely undisturbed and was unable to get past Real defender Daniel Carvajal, who was on the goal line. Five minutes later, however, Foden did a much better job, scoring 3-1 from Fernandinho’s cross.

Silva with a dream goal

But Real did not let themselves be unbalanced by their defensive weaknesses and by the furious game of the English. Vinícius Júnior almost scored in response, after an irresistible solo effort from the center line, the 2: 3 (55th). But it wasn’t enough. Bernardo Silva transformed the top left corner of the goal with a fantastic shot from a distance of 14 meters which resulted in 4: 2 (74th) for the hosts.

The preliminary decision seemed to have been made. But Real Madrid got up and scored the goal 3: 4. Benzema effortlessly converted an Aymeric Laporte penalty with a lob in the middle of the goal to finish (82nd) ​​an extraordinary football match. It was the 34-year-old’s 14th goal in the running Champions League-Saison.

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