Lung specialist Valipour: the new wave “one burden”

The crown numbers are rising again, a predictable development, according to lung specialist Arshang Valipour on Monday in “ZIB2”. The number of cases is expected to increase further in the coming weeks.

The latest wave of omicron has already shown that we are “very heavy” – on the one hand due to the high number of patients in the hospital, but on the other also due to the absences and holidays of employees. All in all, the new wave in the summer is “a burden”.

Overall, Omicron leads to less frequent stays in intensive care units and less severe courses. This also has to do with the fact that a sizable portion of the population has been vaccinated three times or had an infection. Above all, the combination offers good protection against severe courses. Furthermore, there are now good therapies to spare patients “the horror of an intensive care unit”.

fourth point

He already recommends a fourth point to those over 65 and to those who have a greater risk of a serious course. Anyone who does not have an increased risk of a severe course, has been vaccinated three times, and does not live in a family with vulnerable people can wait until the fall with the fourth vaccination.

It’s entirely possible to get infected with Corona multiple times, and like the flu, it’s not unusual. He assumes that “the virus has come to stay”. For Valipour, however, the abolition of the quarantine rules is “a bit premature”: the numbers are still too high, vaccination protects only for a limited time and we also know “too little about the different mutations”, so “we can deal with more calmly “.

From a medical point of view he does not believe that there could be another lockdown in the autumn, but it is “a political decision”.

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