Lufthansa’s first Pride aircraft –

On the occasion of Pride Month, Lufthansa launches a very special plane to destinations all over Europe. The Airbus A320neo with the registration D-AINY will become “Lovehansa” in the next six months. The first flight took off from Frankfurt on Friday with flight number LH841 and landed safely in Billund, Denmark.

It is hoped that it will also land in Hungary and Poland: Lufthansa’s “Lovehansa” plane (Image: Lufthansa)

For once, the outside of the plane says not “Luft” but “Lovehansa” – written in the colors of the rainbow. The welcome panel at the entrance also received a special rainbow sticker. Also, when you look out the window of the plane, you can see hearts in the colors of the rainbow on the tips of the wings, the so-called flaps. Headrest protectors in the colors of the Pride flag make a statement in the cockpit.

Rainbow salute as soon as you get on board (Photo: Lufthansa)

“Lufthansa is a company synonymous with openness, tolerance and diversity,” the airline said in a press release. With the special painting “Lovehansa” “another clear sign is being set and this important part of the company culture is also made visible to the outside world”.

Storm of shit on social media

Lufthansa received a surprisingly violent shit storm on social media for the campaign. While some users vented their homosexual phobia, bad timing also played a role. On the same day it was announced that the German airline would have to cancel 900 flights in July due to staff shortages. Earlier this month, the “Spiegel” also reported serious service problems at Lufthansa (payment item). (mize / pm)

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