Lufthansa is running out of storage space for up to five A380s

FRANKFURT – Lufthansa will take the A380 from the Corona junction in 2023. Lufthansa chief Carsten Spohr specified the plans internally on Wednesday. According to information from, Lufthansa is working on the reactivation of “four or five A380s” at the Munich hub.

Too big, too thirsty, too inflexible: until a few weeks ago Lufthansa gave passengers no hope of seeing the A380 again.

In view of the growing demand for long-haul routes and delays in delivery of the Boeing 777-9, the board of directors of CEO Carsten Spohr is making a 180-degree turn: the A380 will return to Lufthansa’s active fleet in summer 2023 !

Spohr outlined the details of the reactivation in an internal event on Wednesday. Consequently, Lufthansa will prepare “four or five A380s” for use in the Munich hub. Lufthansa confirmed this to

Lufthansa has not yet named specific routes. Before the crisis, Lufthansa served Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Beijing and Shanghai from Munich.

Asia is likely to play a role in the A380 plans again. Lufthansa recently directed only two per cent of its intercontinental capacity in Asia, before the crisis the percentage was ten times higher. After three years of extensive lockdown, Lufthansa suspects there is a particularly high level of pent-up demand in China.

At Lufthansa, the A380 seats 509 and features First Class. More than a fourth seat on board is in First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy.

Airbus receives six A380s from Lufthansa

Lufthansa has 14 A380s. The planes are parked in so-called “deep storage” – a permanent technical dormancy – in Spain and France. Lufthansa has sold six A380s to Airbus and the aircraft will be returned to the manufacturer between October 2022 and November 2023. Lufthansa will maintain eight A380s.

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Post dated 29.06.2022 – 3.15 pm

Here too the request, since evidently in some people it goes wrong. I was present at the Offensive and all those who were present will be able to confirm it accordingly. The 3-4 A380s remaining after reactivation remain where they are, but can also be activated. You will see it all when you are on the road again in 2023 with the first cars. Summer 2024 was mentioned as a possible time to reactivate further A380s, but of course it can be sooner or later, and of course (which I hope won’t happen at all).

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